Kona Dentist

Tips for Choosing the Best Kona Dentist for You

Let’s face the facts. There aren’t a lot of dentists in Kona, at least compared to the number of dentists in Honolulu. So the good news is that there aren’t a lot of bad dentists in Kona. But the bad news is that this means that it is also tougher to find an exceptional Kona dentist, since there are fewer dentists to choose from.

So when you are looking for an amazing Kona dentist, what should you do? Well, guidelines for choosing the best dentist in Kona for you and your family follow below.

Please keep in mind that many studies have shown that 90% of the population has faced a dental problem in their lives. The problem might have been as simple as gingivitis or as bad as a cavity that required a root canal or worse. So please don’t put off locating a dentist to take care of your dental care needs.

Several Kona Dentists Worth Considering

Mark Y. Muramoto, DDS

Carter Yokoyama, D.D.S.

A Dentist’s Reputation is everything

First of all, examine the reputation of the Kailua Kona dentist that you are considering. A good dentist in Kailua Kona will have many good reviews and a minimum of bad reviews, while a poor dentist will have many bad reviews and few good reviews. You can look for dentist reviews online and you can also ask your friends for their advice on who provides the best Kona dental care. The longer your friends have been here the more weight you should assign to their advice. A reputation takes many years to build and only one day to destroy. So when you find a dentist with a good reputation, this is an excellent starting point.

The Dental Staff Plays a Big Role

An excellent Kona Dentist should have an equally exceptional staff. When you think about it, you’ll notice that you probably spend an equal amount of time interacting with the staff of a dentist as with the dentist himself. So if the dentist does not have a great staff, they can’t really be considered a great dentist, because half of the care that you receive is from the staff. A dentist’s staff must always be courteous and friendly. They should make you feel right at home in the dentist’s office. In addition, they should also be very efficient. They should get their jobs done quickly and with a high degree of quality. They should keep the dentist’s office running smoothly and ensure that you do not have to wait a long time to see the dentist.

A High Quality Dental Facility for Families

With a family dentist, the office environment of your dentist is especially important. The number one thing to look for is a comfortable waiting room that is appealing to your children. The waiting room of a family dentist should be bigger and more spacious than the waiting room of a regular dentist because keiki simply need more space than adults. The waiting room should be well stocked with reading materials for you and also things to keep your children occupied like coloring books or games.

Number of Years of Practice

The number of years that a dentist in Kailua Kona has been practicing is another great factor to consider when choosing the best dentist for you in Kona. The more years a dentist has practiced the more time that they have had to build experience and to build their reputation. Just as you would be uncertain about going to a mechanic that has been in business for only a few years, you should be careful about going to a dentist is fresh out of dental school or has only been practicing for a few years.

Kona Dentists Need to Have Aloha

The personality of the best Kona dentist for you is another critical factor. His (or her) personality should be warm and engaging and very caring. He should be comfortable interacting with everyone who walks into his clinic, whether they are a ninety year old grandmother or a five year old child. He should be a people person, who loves spending time with all of his patients. He should have a positive, upbeat attitude that makes every patient feel right at home in his office. The best Kailua dentist must always put his patients first. He must strive to do what is best for them and their dental health. His goal must always be to do what is right by his patients so that their teeth and gums stay in tip-top shape and their smiles will last a lifetime.

Great with Keiki

It almost goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway that the Kona family dentist that you choose must be great with children. Children make the toughest dental patients because they are often frightened of dentists and doctors and various dental procedures. Thus it is imperative that you dentist knows how to work with children. Your dentist needs to know how to keep them calm and how to get them to cooperate so that their examination goes smoothly and they can address all of your child’s dental needs. Keep in mind that not every dentist is great with children, so it is important that you keep looking until you find one that does know how to work well with them.

Location it Matters More than You Think

To get the best Kona family dental care, your dentist needs to be located in an area that is near you. Living in Hawaii, location is especially critical, since we are separated by massive mountains and vast stretches of ocean. So location is a very critical factor to consider. Make sure that your dentist is nearby and convenient to get to or you and your family may end up missing or skipping exams. And with dental visits it is important to never miss an exam. It is much easier to correct a small dental problem before it develops into a full blown dental emergency.

ADA and HDA Membership

The best Kona Dentist has to be a member of the American Dental Association and the Hawaii Dental Association. All good dentists in Hawaii are members of the ADA and the HDA. It is not easy to become a member and membership signifies that a dentist has put a lot of time and effort into studying to become a dentist and passing all of the required licensing and certification exams to become a dentist. ADA and HDA membership is simply non-negotiable.

Spectacular Conclusion to a Very Long Article

In conclusion, Kona is a fantastic place to live. It has beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and warm sunny days. But you will struggle to enjoy all that Kona has to offer unless you find a great Kona Dentist to take care of you and your teeth. We all know that to fully enjoy life in Hawaii, we need to be healthy and taking care of your smile is an important part of enjoying good health.