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Finding the Best Kauai Dentist for You

Finding a great Kauai Dentist on the Garden Isle isn’t simple. But it is easier than you think. Here are a few tips and a few dentists that you might want to consider.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when looking for a dentist, but if you follow a logical and well thought out procedure, finding a great Hawaii dentist on Kauai can be easier than you think. The very first thing that you should do is narrow down the list of dentists as quickly as possible. It is much easier to choose from a list of three dentists than it is to choose from a list of nine dentists.

Location, location, location

The easiest way to dramatically narrow down your list of potential Kauai Dentists is to look at where they are located. The location of their office is much more important than you think and a very simple way to reduce the number of dentists you need to review before making a selection. The closer a dentist is located to your home or work the easier it is to see them. So look for a dentist that is located close to you in a convenient location. After all, if it is hard to get to your dentist, you are less likely to see them consistently. And if you don’t see your dentist consistently, small dental problems can turn into big dental problems, which can be both painful and expensive to deal with.

Tap your social networks

Next tap into your social networks. See which dentists your friends, family and colleagues recommend. Often your social networks can be a great source for recommendations. But if you are completely new to Kauai, this might not be possible for you. So fire up your computer and do a little online research. Look for websites that provide reviews of dentists and pay attention to what people have to say about their dentists. Look for dentists with a lot of good reviews and no bad reviews and you’ll have a better chance of finding the right dentist for you.

Experience is important

The more years of experience a dentist in Kauai has the better. You should look to find a Kauai dentist with as much experience as possible. You might think that Honolulu dentists have a lock on experience, since there are more dentists on Oahu, but you’d be pleasantly surprised to see that there are equally experienced dentists on Kauai if you look hard enough. ┬áThe more years a dentist has been practicing the more time that they have had to build experience and ability to deal with dental problems as they arise. Just as you would be hesitant to go to a mechanic that has been in business for only a few years, you should be careful about going to a dentist is fresh out of dental school.

A comfortable dental office

Make sure you look for a dentist with a comfortable office. Going to the dentist is already stressful enough; you don’t want to go to a dentist with an office that adds to your stress. You should look for a dentist that has a comfortable waiting room and examination room. The waiting room should have soft soothing music and be stocked with a good selection of reading materials. It should be spacious and not crowded and it should be kept at a comfortable temperature. The examination room should be kept clean an organized and like the waiting room, it should not feel cramped or too small.


In summary, use all the resources at your disposal to find the right Kauai dentist for you. First, narrow your search as much as possible. Second, utilize the power of your social networks. Third, verify that your prospective dentist has a lot of years of experience. And fourth, make sure they have a comfortable office that makes you feel relaxed, rather than stressed.

A Few Kauai Dentists to Consider

Dr. Ileana Carreno

Terry Allen, DDS