Intelligent Dental Marketing

Intelligent dental marketing should be performance driven. Any form of marketing that isn’t performance driven should be left to those who have money to burn. Few dentists even take the time to measure how well their marketing is performing. If you don’t measure how well something is doing, how can you know if it is an effective use of your marketing budget?

Another problem is that your dental marketing cannot be outsourced effectively unless the interests of your practice are aligned with that of the marketing firm that you are using. When you pay for marketing upfront rather than based on results. The firm you are using has less incentive to do a good job, than if their pay depends solely upon producing results. So if you are interested in truly intelligent dental marketing, you should look for an alignment of incentives between your practice and that of your marketing agency.

Bigger isn’t always better. Your patients don’t care how big your practice is. They care that there dentist knows their name and genuinely cares about their dental health. A big flashy marketing firm may seem like the way to go. But often your practice will be viewed as just another number. But with a small firm, the odds are greater that they will view you and your practice as a person, not a number.

Are you a marketing expert or a dental expert? How many hours have you spend learning marketing as compared to learning dentistry? Unless you spent an equivalent number of hours learning marketing, odds are good that you are not a marketing expert. So it pays to hire an expert, then you can do what you do best and they can do likewise. But obviously it comes down to trust, but again it does hurt if your marketing expert is only paid when they generate results.

Truly intelligent dental marketing is money well spent and the most intelligent form of dental marketing is one that is based solely upon results. The best form of marketing for your practice is the one that brings in the most patients per dollar spent and where you don’t have to pay for it unless it produces results.

Do you even know exactly how much it costs to acquire a patient from each form of media that you use? If you don’t, calculating this number is a good place to start.

Does your practice employ performance driven marketing. Marketing that you don’t pay for unless it produces results?