Hawaii Dentist Jobs

Hawaii dentist jobs are not easy. There are more than a million people in Hawaii who need dental care. The Hawaii dentist jobs take a lot of education, training and skill to do well. Being a dentist in Hawaii is not for everyone, but for the dentists who are called to be here in the islands, it can be quite rewarding. Not only are dentist well compensated, but when they do a good job on the smiles of their patients they can take satisfaction on truly helping people.

Did you know that dentists have been around since the beginning of recorded history? There are artifacts to suggest that dental care and hygiene were being practiced as far back as nine thousand years ago. In fact the early Greeks and Egyptians also practiced dental care too. Now granted, they didn’t have the modern technology that we have today, but it still boggles the mind to think that they cared so much about teeth all those centuries ago.

Mainland dental colleges graduated thousands of dentists a year but only a small handful of those graduates make it too Hawaii. Thus, there are a lot of Hawaii dentist jobs waiting to be filled. And we have a huge population that need the care of great dentists, so Hawaii is an excellent state to work in because the demand for dental services is so enormous.


There are quite a number of different types of Hawaii Dentist Jobs. The dental profession recognizes quite a large number of dental specialties and they include the following.

General Dentists

General dentists are also known as family dentists. They are the first line of professionals in charge of dental care. They are the first type of dentist that people see when they need help with their teeth or gums. They give general dental examinations, take x-rays and perform cleanings. They can do general restorative work, diagnose and treat dental diseases and they can help identify the causes of poor oral health. When a patient faces a specific problem they will generally refer that patient to a dental specialist.


Orthodontists are the folks most famous for giving people braces to help straighten crooked teeth. But beyond straightening teeth, they also help to improve jaw alignment to prevent problems like TMJ and other problems with the jaw, which can be very painful, since most people use their jaws to eat three times a day.

Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric Dentists are essentially general dentists that specialize in treating children. Often young children have a fear of doctors in general and the dentist’s office can be a very scary place for them. Pediatric dentists are specially trained to work with children to alleviate their fears and deal with the specific dental problems that children encounter.

Dental Surgeons

Dental surgeons specialize in dealing with and fixing larger problems with the mouth, jaw and teeth. General dentists deal with more of the basic issues, while dental surgeons work on the tougher cases that require advanced reconstructive surgery. Their work is quite challenging, but also very important to patients who need their help.


Periodontists deal with diseases and problems of the tooth and gums. Most of the time people associate dentists with only the teeth. But the gums are also especially important tissues that can become inflamed or even damages. Gum problems can result in tooth loss so periodontists perform very important work when treating gum diseases.

Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic Dentists help people improve the appearance of their smiles. They often fix chipped teeth or replace metallic crowns with ceramic crowns that look like natural teeth. They can also do tooth whitening to brighten smiles too. They may work with oral surgeons to improve the appearance of teeth in severe cases.

So as you can see there are a lot of Hawaii Dentist Jobs in the Hawaiian Islands and there are a lot of different dental specialties. And when you are not improving the smiles of the aloha-filled people of Hawaii, you can be enjoying the great outdoors here. You can do things like surf at Waikiki Beach or hike Waimea Canyon.

Honolulu Dentist Jobs

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