Dental Marketing Strategy

Most dentists don’t think that they have the time to worry about developing an effective dental marketing strategy. You are probably too busying providing the highest quality of dental care to your patients to have the time do focus on marketing your dental practice as efficaciously as possible. But I assure you that if you don’t make the time to create a dental marketing strategy that works to bring in a continuous stream of high value dental patients, the time will be forced upon you. Eventually your dental practice will stop growing and start to decline, and then you will have more and more free time to focus on what went wrong.

So what is the hallmark of a great dental marketing strategy?

It consists setting aside time from your busy schedule of performing dental care and using that time to develop a well thought out dental marketing plan. If you don’t have the time, make the time. If you have to, actually book an appointment with your self, just as if you were seeing a patient to work on your dental marketing plan.

Key Components of a Dental Marketing Plan

The very first component is the main goal or objective. What exactly do you want to accomplish? If you are like most dentists your goal is probably to grow your practice. But you need to be specific, how exactly do you want to grow your practice? What is the profile of your best and most valuable patient? Focus on exactly want you want to achieve.

Now if you already have all the patients you can handle, you’re probably thinking that you don’t need to have a marketing plan since you don’t want to grow your practice. But even if you have all the patients you can handle, wouldn’t you like to have a higher profit margin per patient? Well all you need to do is make sure your marketing plan focuses on attracting your best type of patients and as natural patient turnover occurs you will find that your practice becomes more and more profitable without increasing your caseload.

Now what dentist doesn’t want to earn more while working less?

A Dentist Can’t Manage What He Can’t Measure

The second critical component of a dental marketing plan is a mechanism for measuring the results of your marketing efforts. Essentially you want to know if your marketing efforts are on track to generate the goals that you have set. Ideally, you will want to know on a day to day basis how well your dental marketing efforts are performing.

Now you might think that this level of measurement and tracking is expensive. But it is exceptionally cheap when you compare it to the cost of ineffective dental marketing. Tracking your offline advertising is as simple as getting a call tracking phone number for less than $5 per month. And measuring your online advertising can be done with a number of free internet analytics software packages.

So there really is no excuse not to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Dental Marketing Tactics

Finally we get to the place where the rubber meets the road. The tactics you will employ to promote your dental practice are critical if you want to succeed.

I don’t have time to describe every possible tactic that you can use to get more dental patients. But I will say that you should focus on tactics that generate immediate, measurable responses from the patients that you are targeting.

Any tactic that doesn’t do this should be thrown out the window of your dental office, unless you’ve got money to incinerate.

Excellent Execution of Your Dental Marketing Strategy

The final and most important component of a dental marketing strategy is execution. You can develop the best dental marketing plan in the world but if you don’t put it into action, nothing will happen. Good execution of a mediocre plan will provide more benefit than poor execution of a great marketing plan. So just imagine how your practice will perform if you combine great execution of a great dental marketing plan. The growth of your dental practice will skyrocket and your bottom line will expand exponentially.

Improving Your Dental Practice’s Marketing Strategy

Whether you are a Honolulu Dentist, Kona Dentist or Dentist in Walla Walla, even if you have a great marketing strategy I assure you it can be improved. How do I know this? Unless you are sitting on a beach on Maui and seeing new patients come in on autopilot, there’s always room for improvement. Want a free marketing consultation? Use our contact form to get in touch.