Dental Marketing

Attention Hawaii Dentists: Are you looking for new patients?

Dental marketing can be expensive, but what if you could get advertising that may be worth hundreds of dollars in new patients for free?

For a limited time that is exactly what you can get.

My website,, is getting an average of 46 visitors per day who are looking for a dentist in Hawaii, and it has already referred 552 prospective patients to dentists just like you.

How is it able to refer so many prospective patients?

Just Google “hawaii dentist” and I think that the answer will be obvious.

So what is the catch?

You are probably thinking: “You can’t really be giving this away for free???”

Here is how it works. If a slot is available, I will list you on for one month for free. If you get so many new patients that you want to stay listed, all you have to do is pay a low monthly fee and provide a testimonial. (A free month should be worth five minutes of your time to write a testimonial if this boosts your practice.)

You don’t even have to give me your credit card number. And because you don’t have to give me your credit card number up front, you don’t have to do anything to avoid being charged if you decide not to continue your listing.

The only other “catch” is that I am not going to list a lot of dentists on my site. I am going to strictly limit the number of dentists listed. After all, I’m not the yellow pages and I only want to promote a few of the best dentists in each town. So if you snooze, you lose.

Also, I will only list the best dentists. If I see a lot of bad reviews or complaints against a dentist I reserve the right not to list them.

If you want get a free listing, enter your email below, watch for the verification email and confirm your email address. But don’t wait too long or your spot may be claimed by someone else.