Cosmetic Dental Marketing

Cosmetic dental procedures are often seen as a luxury, a want, not a necessity. Therefore, they are one of the first things that dental patients cut back on when the economy slows. But the good news is that there are always patients that want to look their best and even in downturns there are still large numbers of patients that can still afford and desperately want cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentists Should Market Smarter, Not Just Harder

Since the supply of cosmetic dentists is more or less fixed, while the demand for cosmetic dentistry falls in a downturn, you will have to work harder and smarter to be the cosmetic dentist that the smaller supply of patients are clamoring to see.

Let’s say that there are ten competing cosmetic dentists in your market. When times are good there are more than enough patients for you and all of them. But now times have gotten tougher. This doesn’t mean that all the cosmetic dental patients go away. This means that perhaps there are enough patients to support only eight cosmetic dentists in your market. As long as you are one of those eight dentists there is still plenty of work to go around. And if you are positioned the best dentist of those eight dentists, you will still get more patients than you can handle.

And the mathematical truth is half of those ten dentists are good dentists they are better than average. So your expertise and skills alone will not be enough to make you stand out from the herd. How you portray your skills and position yourself against your competition is what makes all the difference.

The Time to Advance When All of the Other Cosmetic Dentists Are in Retreat

You see, you can read all the bad news about the economy and wonder how it is going to harm your cosmetic dental practice’s bottom line. Or you can take action and employ effective cosmetic dental marketing methods and actually gain market share as your competition retrenches and cuts their marketing budget.

After all, the real time to gain new patients and grow your dental practice is when times are tough and your competition is scaling back. It is much easier and much cheaper to stand apart from the crowd when they are cowering in their dental offices hoping to hang on to their existing patients and scaling back on their advertising and lead generation. It is so much easier to win the advertising and marketing war when your competition has simply decided to call it quits and wait things out. Ad rates are lower and the airwaves and other forms of media are much less saturated.

So What Cosmetic Dental Marketing Methods Should You Employ?

It all comes down to a few words, direct response. It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking about advertising on the internet, radio, television, yellow pages or any other form of media for that matter. All that matters is that your advertising is focused on getting the desired response, which is new patients rushing into your dental practice and clamoring for highly valuable cosmetic dental procedures. Simply put every form of marketing or advertising you employ should have a measurable impact on your bottom line. If you spend a dollar, you better be able to measure the result of spending that dollar and see that it is producing more than a dollar of net profit in return.

So what it all comes down to is being highly strategic about your dental practice’s marketing, tracking every dollar that is spent and every dollar that it brings in. Once you find the right media and message to employ, where each dollar of spending brings in more than a dollar of net profit you need to be bold when your competition is fearful and invest as much as possible in your marketing campaigns that generate a positive return on investment.

By doing this your cosmetic dental practice won’t just struggle through tough economic times but it will actually grow while other practices are contracting. And when the good times return it will be light years ahead of your competition and earning many multiples more than they are.

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