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When facing tooth pain, you might be tempted to skip the dentist and to try an over the counter remedy. But don’t do it. Problems with your teeth and gums seldom go away on their own and often the longer you wait the worse they will get. Never delay if you have any problems in your mouth. Make sure that you see one of the best Big Island dentists available or you will come to regret it in the weeks ahead as the tooth pain grows worse and worse. Never wait until things get so bad that they are unbearable. You can lose an entire tooth or risk a severe infection of your teeth or even your jaw.

Big Island Dentists You May Wish to Consider

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When choosing the right Hawaii Dentist for you and your family you should consider a number of factors. The first thing to look at is the location of the dentist. This is an easy way to screen out a lot of dentists and to reduce the number of dentists that you will have to evaluate. The reason why location is important is that the harder it is to get to a dentist the less likely you are to go to them consistently. And consistently seeing your dentist every six months is essential to your dental health. Keep in mind that it is much easier (and much less painful) to correct a small dental problem than wait until it is a major problem. Not only will treating a major problem cost a lot more, but it will be much more painful to fix and recovery will take much longer.

What do patients think?

Great dentists on the Big Island must have a strong reputation with their current and former patients. Do not settle for a dentist with bad reviews. For each bad review that you hear, you can bet there are several others that haven’t said anything. Conversely, if you see a dentist with a lot of good reviews, this can be a sign that they are really an exceptional dentist. So examine the reputation and reviews of the dentist that you are considering very carefully.

Do they have an excellent team to support them?

The best Big Island best dentist for you and your family should also have a great staff. They should be friendly, courteous and highly professional. They should care for you as much as the dentist does and they should do their jobs in a highly professional and courteous manner. Their sole focus should be on you the patient. They should not be distracted with personal calls and text messages during office hours.

Do they provide a comfortable waiting room and examination room?

With a family dentist, the office environment of your dentist is especially important. The number one thing to look for is a comfortable waiting room that is appealing to you and your children. The waiting room of a family dentist should be bigger and more spacious than the waiting room of a regular dentist because keiki simply need more space than adults. The waiting room should be well stocked with reading materials for you and also things to keep your children occupied like coloring books or games. The examination room should be clean and well organized. Of course it should also be comfortable and well lighted so that the dentist and their staff can see what they are doing when they are working on your smile.

Does the dentist have a lot of experience?

The more experience a Big Island dentist has, the better. Have they treated a lot of patients or only a few? The more patients they have treated the better. The more cases they have seen the more they will know how to handle and treat. So if anything unexpected comes up, they will know how to deal with it. They won’t have to consult another dentist or worse, a textbook.

Do you get along with your prospective dentist?

The personality of the best Big Island dentist for you is also a critical factor. His personality should be warm and engaging and very caring. He should be comfortable interacting with everyone who walks into his clinic, whether they are a ninety year old grandmother or a five year old child. He should be a people person, who loves spending time with all of his patients. He should have a positive, upbeat attitude that makes every patient feel right at home in his office. The best Big Island dentist must always put his patients first. He must strive to do what is best for them and their dental health. His goal must always be to do what is right by his patients so that their teeth and gums stay in tip-top shape.

Is your prospective Big Island Dentist great with children?

Any Big Island dentist that you choose must be great with keiki. Children make the toughest dental patients because they are often frightened of dentists and doctors and various dental procedures. Thus it is imperative that your family dentist knows how to work with children. Your dentist needs to know how to keep them calm and how to get them to cooperate so that their examination goes smoothly and so they can address all of your child’s dental needs. Keep in mind that not every dentist is great with children, so it is important that you keep looking until you find one that does know how to work well with them.

Does your prospective Dentist on the Big Island belong to the ADA?

Make sure that your Big Island Dentist is a member of the American Dental Association. All good dentists in Hawaii are members of the ADA. It is not easy to become a member of the ADA and membership signifies that a dentist has put a lot of time and effort into studying to become a dentist and passing all of the required licensing and certification exams to become a dentist. ADA membership is simply non-negotiable. In addition a great dentist must also be certified to practice dentistry in the state of Big Island. The certification and licensing process is very strict and it screens out bad, unqualified dentists.

In conclusion, Honolulu dentists may say otherwise, but the Big Island is a glorious place to live. I love the white sand beaches of Kona, the black lava flows of Kilauea and the gentle, nightly rain showers of Hilo and our island has beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and warm sunny days that we all enjoy. But you will struggle to enjoy all that Big Island has to offer unless you find a great Big Island Dentist to take care of you and your teeth. We all know that to fully enjoy life in Big Island, we need to be healthy and taking care of your smile and the smiles of your family is an important part of enjoying good health here in paradise.