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A great Hawaii Dentist is hard to find. Just because we live in Hawaii it doesn’t mean that we should put up with sub-standard dental care. Finding a great dentist can make all the difference when it comes to your dental health. Consider this: gum disease, gingivitis and cavities are no laughing matter and can be quite painful and serious medical conditions. Even the health of your cardiovascular system is affected by your dental health. So don’t scrimp when it comes to selecting a dentist. Make sure that you find the best dentist available in Hawaii to take care of your smile.

Many studies have shown that 90% of the population has faced a dental problem in their lives. It might be as simple as gingivitis or a cavity that is bad enough to require a root canal or worse. But odds are you are going to face a dental issue at some point in your life and a great dentist will make all the difference. They will take the time to assess and solve your dental problems and they will also make sure that your visit is as pain free as possible. So make sure that you find the best Hawaii Dentist on your island.

When facing tooth pain, you might be tempted to skip the dentist and to try an over the counter remedy. But don’t do it. Problems with your teeth and gums seldom go away on their own and often the longer you wait the worse they will get. Never delay if you have any problems in your mouth make sure that you see one of the best Hawaii Dentists available or you will come to regret it in the weeks ahead as the pain grows worse and worse. Never wait until things get so bad that they are unbearable. You can lose an entire tooth or worse.

Top Hawaii Dentists

Here are a few dentists that are worth considering if you are looking for a great dentist in Hawaii. All of them have undertaken extensive schooling and hundreds of hours of hands on training to become some of the top dentists in Hawaii. Of course, when considering a dentist don’t just rely on what this site and other people have to say, but use the guidelines discussed here to find the right dentist for you.

Oahu Dentists

Chad T Kawashima, DDS
(808) 533-3892

Wade Takenishi, DDS
(808) 593-2775

Christopher Chow, DDS
(808) 946-6326

Hawaii Dentists

Milton M Murasaki, DDS

Tiffanie Y Wang, DDS

Dr. Ellsworth Takata

Maui Dentists

Dr. James Merrett

Dr. John Uehara

Lance D. Ogata

Even though Hawaii is paradise on Earth, we still face earthly issues like problems with our teeth. Since sugar cane grows so rampantly in Hawaii, it is no surprise that we face an epidemic of cavities. Aside from limiting sugary snacks and brushing and flossing, it is important to see your dentist twice a year for regular cleanings. Cleaning your teeth regularly is essentially to preventing tooth decay.

It’s so strange that for an organism that lives so long, we only get two sets of teeth for our entire life. Sometimes it would be nice to be a tiger shark like the ones that patrol the waters of the Kona Coast. They are very fortunate when it comes to teeth. They don’t need to see a Hawaii Dentist because they keep growing teeth throughout their entire life. Did you know that they have a spare set of teeth right behind their primary set of teeth ready to go in case they lose one of their primary teeth? Sometimes I wish we could all be like them and never need to see a dentist. As a side note, did you know that sharks don’t get cancer either? It seems like sharks have all the luck.

breadfruitHawaii dentists put forth incredible efforts to protect the teeth of the people of Hawaii. They do preventative things like taking oral x-rays and they may even apply fluoride or sealant to teeth to prevent tooth decay. They can also prescribe special tooth paste for people with sensitive teeth. They also work hard to educate us on what to do to keep our teeth healthy for life. They teach us proper ways to brush and floss. And some of the more progressive dentists in Hawaii also teach us what foods are good for the health and well-being of our pearly whites.

A Hawaii Dentist can do more than just look after the health of our teeth and gums they can also help to make our teeth look better. An orthodontist can use braces or other measures to straighten crooked or poorly aligned teeth to make a perfect smile. Or a dentist can apply professional strength tooth whitening solutions an turn a fading smile into a brilliant pearly white smile.

Some dentists can even do oral surgery. They can extract irreparably damaged teeth and they can even insert dental implants to replace teeth that have been extracted. And of course almost everyone needs to get their wisdom teeth removed and many Hawaii dentists perform this essential operation too.

The great thing about a Hawaii Dentist is that he understands our local lifestyle. Whether is surfing at Pipeline or fishing in Hilo Bay they can relate to us much better than a dentist from the mainland. They know that sometimes we just can’t refuse a serving of poi even if it sticks to our teeth. And they can show us exactly how to make sure that our teeth stay healthy despite what we eat.

Many dentists here utilize the most modern techniques in dentistry to ensure that visiting them is as stress free as possible because they know that we like to hang loose. They are well aware of how painful going to a bad dentist can be and they are very caring and understanding and know how to use the most modern tools to ensure a visit with the smallest amount of pain possible. They have clean well-lit dental offices with relaxing music and a very helpful and courteous staff that ensure that your visit goes smoothly.

Dental care is continually advancing in Hawaii and many of our dentists spend a lot of time keeping up with all of the advances. There are quite a number of conferences and training for them to attend both here and on the mainland. And you’d be surprised at everything that goes on right here in Hawaii. For some reason, the top dentists from all around the world like to come here for conferences. I wonder why.

In any case, as Hawaii’s population continues to grow, so does the number of dentists in Hawaii. It seems that in addition to death and taxes, the need for dental care is another absolute in life that we just can’t live without in the islands. But fortunately dental schools are churning out more and more dentists each year and they are in high demand.

As our population grows and ages the demand for dental care will just keep on rising. I guess until we all stop eating sugar, this is just a fact of life. But a fact that is easy to cope with when you choose the best Hawaii Dentist that you can find. So make sure you take your time when you choose a dentist in Hawaii. Do your homework. Ask your friends who they recommend. Look to the internet to look your prospective dentist up. Call the dentist’s office and confirm that they take your insurance. Then schedule a visit and make sure you don’t miss it.

Regular dental care is very important here in Hawaii, especially since we live so long. So choose a Hawaii Dentist that knows how to take care of your teeth and you and your smile will last a very long time, indeed. And who doesn’t want to live forever in the paradise that we call home?

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